Question: How Good Is Vineet Loomba Sir?

Who is best physics teacher on Unacademy?

Learn NLM Friction through Doubts In this session, our top educator Jayant Nagda will discuss Newton’s Laws of Motion & Friction in JEE Physics, which will be helpful for you to crack upcoming JEE Mains and Advance 2020..

Who is the best organic teacher on Unacademy?

Answer Arvind Arora (Made EJEE Chemistry) (Also on Vedanti Platform) (Best in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry) Vineet Khatri (Any Time Padhai Academy) (Best in Organic Chemistry) Sachin Rana (Sachin Rana IITB) (Also on unacademy platform) (His Problem Solving Approach and Organic Chemistry)More items…•Oct 29, 2020

Who is the best educator in Unacademy for IIT?

Hello Guys, In this Course, Md Kashif Alam (MKA Sir) will do Revision of Arrow Questions in Organic Chemistry with MCQs for JEE Mains January attempt. He will take up tricky and difficult questions from the topic and explain them in a simple manner. He will also talk about the strategy to approach the exam.

Are Mohit Tyagi lectures enough for JEE?

Mohit tyagi sir + Cengage would be a deadly combination though! … MT sir+Cengage +40 years pre year with any gud test series is more than enough to get decent marks in jee advanced!!

How is Om Sharma sir Quora?

You should follow Om Sir because he is great teacher with great knowledge. The best thing I like about him that he change his teaching according to the students. His Questions are of very good level. … He deviler same content as of KOTA and he is #5 educator on Plus now!!!

Is Unacademy good for JEE maths?

This course is an Integrated Course for JEE Mains and Advance and After covering this course you will feel comfortable in attempting JEE Mains and Advance level Questions in assigned time. At the end of each session there will be a quick short session which will consist short trick to learn formula.

Who is Vineet loomba?

About Vineet Loomba Sir. Being a Civil Engineering Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, Vineet Sir gave up a promising career in Civil Engineering to help students prepare for Engineering Entrance Exams primarily JEE Main and Advanced. … Students love him and he loves his students.

Are Unacademy Jee lectures enough for JEE Advanced?

Yes unacademy is having good lectures and good study materials too but since you have very less time left i suggest you to go for short period course like careers360 knockout course for best result.

Is Unacademy good for IAS?

USEFULNESS OF UNACADEMY IAS COACHING -UNACADEMY is a great website for online coaching that is widely known through which you can study at the comfort of your home. It has a great faculty which has an experience in UPSC teaching field and they communicate very well which help in better understanding.

Can I crack Jee with Unacademy?

Unacademy Learners crack the coveted IIT JEE Advanced 2020 and secure Top Ranks. Unacademy Learners emerge victorious in the IIT JEE Advanced 2020, securing Top Ranks. … Unacademy Prodigy was a flagship, one of its kind scholarship exam aimed at preparing learners for JEE and NEET UG exams.

Who is best maths teacher in Kota?

MathsNikhil Srivastava. N.S. Sir Experience: 17 Years.Arjun Gupta. A.G. Sir Experience: 14 Years.Aatish Agrawal. A.A Sir Experience: 17 Years.Jayant Chhitora. J.C Sir Experience: 16 Years.Vipin Sharma. V.S Sir Experience: 11 Years.Pawan Kumar Soni. P.K Sir Experience: 3 Years.

Which Youtube channel is best for JEE maths?

Here are some of the best Youtube channels that JEE Main aspirants can use to speed up their preparation in a less exhausting way.Ajnish Gupta (Organic Chemistry) … IITJEE Master (PCM) … Mohit Tyagi (Mathematics) … Physics Galaxy. … Rao Academy (Previous Year Solved Papers) … mLearning (IIT-JEE)Sep 26, 2018

Who is the best teacher for calculus on Unacademy?

Educator Vineet LoombaThis session, will cover all important concepts and tricks for understanding the complete Integral Calculus – Part I by Educator Vineet Loomba which plays a very important part in the chapter Integral Calculus in this video.

Is Vineet loomba good Quora?

VINEET LOOMBA[IITR] – Vineet sir is a great maths teacher as well as a motivator too. He teaches each and every type of questions in his class so that students can atleast know the concepts how to approach the question. He is a good mentor for JEE aspirants.

Who is best maths teacher in Unacademy for IIT JEE?

Samir bansalSamir bansal is the best maths faculty for jee.

Who is best Mohit Tyagi or GB sir?

MT Sir is best. Mohit Tyagi on youtube. Both teachers are marvelous no doubt but from my experience and my friends MC sir is for those student who is more than average. That type of student can catch his each n every point bcuz his calculation is very fast normal student can’t catch his method of calculation.

How is Sameer Chincholikar Quora?

According to many Unacademy students, Sameer Chincholikar sir is a very good teacher if you want to focus more on JEE Mains, since he doesn’t focus much on advanced topics. So if you are targetting JEE Mains, go for it . … So teachers matter for concepts and guidance and both teachers are awesome in these.

How good is Vineet loomba?

Success Stories @ Jaaneshwaran has scored AIR 989 in JEE Main 2018 and AIR 2691 in JEE Advanced 2018. Congratulations to him for scoring such an amazing result. Here is what he has to say about our platform. Results like this motivates us to add more and more notes and assignments on this platform.