What Is The Best Eventing Horse?

The Anglo-Arabian combines attractive traits from both the Arabian (refinement and stamina) and Thoroughbreds (size and speed) bloodlines.

The Belgian Warmblood is a rather new breed whose bloodlines have been carefully orchestrated to produce a superior eventing and show horse which is both intelligent and fearless.

What are the levels of horse eventing?

The sport originated as a cavalry test and is comprised of three phases: dressage, cross-country and show jumping. Eventing tests horse and rider pairs more completely than any other.

What breed of horse is best for cross country?

Most horses that compete today are Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbred-crosses (including the Irish Horse), and lightly built Warmbloods, or Warmbloods with a high degree of Thoroughbred blood, such as the Trakehner.

Are thoroughbreds good for eventing?

Those horses are generally bred for dressage and show jumping, while Thoroughbreds are bred for galloping, speed and endurance. This can mean that Thoroughbreds jump a bit more flat and quick, which may make them a little less careful.

Do Arabian horses make good jumpers?

Jumpers are expected to jump, run, turn and jump again. These horses are very athletic horses that are powerful and very well trained. A good jumper must be able to collect itself together then explode in a big jumping effort. This horse must always be balanced, obedient and responsive.

How many horses have died in eventing?

Thus the horse is represented as ‘both source and saviour of risk’.” O’Brien said her paper had not dealt at all with the risks for horses in eventing, but at least 74 horses were known to have died in competition, or immediately afterwards, since June 2005 – an average of more than seven a year.

What is the highest level of eventing?

The four-star level is the highest level of eventing and is offered at six competitions around the world: the Kentucky Three-Day Event (USA), Badminton Horse Trials (GBR), Burghley Horse Trials (GBR), Australian International Three-Day Event (AUS), Luhmühlen Horse Trials (GER), and Les Etoiles de Pau (FRA).

What breed of horse jumps the best?

Top Five Breeds for Jumping

  • Thoroughbred. Though these are known for being race horses primarily, they also make excellent jumpers.
  • Quarter Horse. Solidly built and generally sturdy, the Quarter Horse is perfect for the beginning jumper.
  • Arabian.
  • Trakkener.
  • Appaloosa.

Which type of horse is the fastest?


What breed of horses are the best jumpers?

The Best Horses for Show Jumping

  1. Hanoverian horse.
  2. Dutch Warmblood or KWPN Warmblood.
  3. Holsteiner horse.
  4. Belgian Warmblood.
  5. Oldenburg horse.
  6. Selle Français horse.
  7. Westphalian horses.
  8. Irish Draught horse.

What are thoroughbreds good at?

Thoroughbreds are considered “hot-blooded” horses that are known for their agility, speed, and spirit. Thoroughbreds are used mainly for racing, but are also bred for other riding disciplines such as show jumping, combined training, dressage, polo, and fox hunting.

Are OTTB good horses?

An “off-the-track Thoroughbred” is a Jockey Club-registered Thoroughbred horse that was previously racing or in training to race, and has since been retired. OTTBs have been known to transition into successful show horses in hunter/jumper, dressage, and other styles.

What is eventing in equestrian?

Eventing (also known as three day eventing or horse trials) is an equestrian event where a single horse and rider combine and compete against other combinations across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.